At low doses, Mitragyna speciosa Kratom is stimulating, the more sedating effects being brought about by more opioid receptors binding as the dose range moves up.

If this stimulant level of Kratom is very much related to the dose taken, it is also usually present to some extent at the beginning of any Mitragyna speciosa Kratom experience, before the user feels sedated, yet on a much shorter timeframe.

Mitragyna speciosa Kratom’s stimulant level is somewhat comparable to a mild version of the stimulation induced by Yohimbe, with which Kratom shares some chemical properties through its alkaloid makeup. The stimulation might also be due to Kratom’s action on sigma opioid receptors. Mitragyna speciosa Kratom stimulation has also been subjectively compared to the stimulation of, caffeine, ephedrine, or Ephedra with alcohol, or even a low dose of cocaine: one feels more awake, clear headed, less tired, one’s mind is more alert, physical energy, stamina, motivation and sometimes libido and sexual energy are increased.

This improves endurance and one’s ability to do difficult monotonous physical work, a quality for which Kratom is greatly appreciated in its traditional context of use.

One might feel disinhibited with Kratom, more social, more talkative, outgoing and friendly. Yet some people actually find this Kratom level a little edgy, rather than pleasant. The Kratom stimulation fades in time, usually giving way to more sedative effects. Kratom stimulation can also induce a state of feeling tired and relaxed but not sleepy, much stronger than with opiates.

Some reports have mentioned that a more regular Kratom use tends to enhance the stimulating effect of low doses, while infrequent usage brings out more opiate-like, sedating effects. It is speculated that the stimulating effects of Kratom are actually less tolerance-inducing than the sedative effects, and since Kratom’s stimulant and sedative effects work in tandem, a more quickly developed tolerance to the sedative opiate effect implies increased sensitivity to Kratom’s stimulation over time, even lower doses.