This level has been compared to the effects of a mild opiate, such as codeine or a less complex poppy-tea. At this Kratom dosage, one is less sensitive to stress, physical or emotional pain, pretty much on par with weaker opiates such as codeine. Euphoric feelings are present, though not as overwhelming as that of stronger opiates. One feels and looks calm, with smaller, constricted pupils.

Male orgasm can be delayed while sensitivity is heightened, which is the main reason why Mitragyna speciosa Kratom is sometimes traditionally used as a sexual enhancer or aphrodisiac- yet one which paradoxically can cause temporary erection problems at higher doses, despite slight vasodilator properties.

At this level of Kratom effects, one may also experience some itching or sweating.

It is also at this dose level that it is possible to feel nauseated, due to increased receptor stimulation- a nausea also induced by Kratom’s bitter taste, which can be remedied by adding sugar, honey, or artificial sweeteners.

Lying down often relieves nauseous episodes, and is quite comfortable due to Kratom’s relaxing sedation. One floats into a general feeling of comfortable pleasure, with a “fuzzy warmth” spreading throughout the body, a sense of physical well-being which can possibly lead one to some sort of pleasant dreamy mental state, reverie, yet one which maintains mental clarity.

Music appreciation is often increased with Kratom. It is very pleasant to lie down comfortably on one’s back, with eyes closed, in a semi-darkened room, and just listen to one’s favourite music. This is one of the best ways to let Kratom open door to the delightful mixed-state of ‘waking-dreaming’, where one has a foot in dreamland, and the other foot in the real world.

Such a dreamlike state was much prized by the 19th century Romantic writers, who, ignorant of Mitragyna speciosa Kratom, resorted to a much more habit-forming narcotic, the pipe dreams of opium and laudanum to reach it, yet the effects of Kratom differ from that of opiates in that the Kratom high allows the user to stay much more functional.

The effects of a strong dose of Mitragyna speciosa Kratom usually last about six hours. The higher the Kratom dose, the stronger the effects, and the longer they last. There is no real Kratom comedown, but a gradual tapering of effects, usually leading to sleep. Many people report a positive
‘afterglow’ the next day.