Sumatra red vein kratom


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Sumatran kratom
White Vein Sumatra is amongst the most energetic and euphoric of all kratom strains, whereas Red Vein Sumatra is a gentler, smoother and longer-lasting alternative.

Most Sumatran kratom is white-veined, so for some people any mention of the word 'Sumatran' with regard to kratom strains brings to mind a strongly stimulating product. However, this is mainly true for White Vein Sumatran kratom, and only applies to Red Vein Sumatran kratom to a much lesser degree.

Red Vein Sumatran kratom has many of the same type of effects but is noticeably milder, and that jittery feeling is much less likely. Bear in mind that mitragyna speciosa, the kratom plant, is related to coffee, and if you find that strong coffee gives you the jitters then a Red Vein Sumatran kratom might be a better choice to start with than the White Vein Sumatran kratom.

Because of the strongly stimulant properties of the white veined variety, it could be seen as a good choice for use not on its own, but as part of a blend, to add some 'lift'.

The final difference to note between White Vein Sumatran kratom and its red-veined counterpart is the time it stays effective: many users report that the white veined variety starts to work immediately and has a relatively short period of effectiveness, whilst the red vein kratom takes a little longer to start working but is remarkably long-lasting - as long as ten hours in many cases. This makes Red Vein Sumatran kratom a good choice for adding to a blend in order to increase the length of time for which it is effective.

Unlike the Kratom strains from Borneo and Malaysia, this variety is lighter in color, but very high in alkaloid content.

We have had good reviews of the White Vein Sumatra, which is a strong "
Incense " with stimulating properties. For those looking for the same kind of kratom, but with more sedative effects; Red Vein Sumatra Kratom is the right choice!