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A simple example of how to grow kratom.
Hi, I am a new member. I am Agitator. I know that Kratom does not grow wild in this country but I have the following story. I got interested in Kratom a few months ago. I have been reading and looking at everthing I could find on the web about it. But lets get to my story.
I have a favorite fishing hole way down in the swamp. One day my wife decided to go along with me. After about a 3/4 of a mile hike through the swamp we sat down to try and catch supper. My wife looked up at this small tree and asked me what kind of tree it was. I glanced at the tree and at first glance misidentified the tree. I looked at the tree again and realized I had never seen a tree such as this my entire life in the area I live in. I know my trees, flora, etc;. I was raised a farmer and have been in the woods since I was old enough to walk. One thing I know is what kind of trees grow here, every one of them. Only later have I ran up on some photo's of what a Kratom tree looks like.
This might sound crazy to you but I do believe I have located a wild Kratom Tree right here in this swamp land where I live. I went back and have taken cuttings off of the tree and I could send you pictures if you would like to take a look at some of the cuttings. I have never taken kratom in any form and would be afraid of even testing the leaves off of this tree. Is there any look alike's growing in the southern states of the USA. If I sent you some pictures do you thing you could identify the cutting I have taken? Thanks, Agitator