kratom and peanut butter

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Hey folks! I've been browsing the web, looking for ways to cook with kratom. This site helped me out, but while I was browsing I noticed no one seemed to mention MY (current) favorite way to ingest kratom - mixed in with smooth peanut butter! I don't know if the oils make kratom less effective, but so far I haven't noticed it. I've also tried mixing it in with yogurt, grapefruit juice (shudder) and making tea out of it. Peanut butter hides the bitterness quite well, and I can just eat it by the spoonful - I do need to freshen my breath afterwards, though. Any other "favorites" out there? I'm a "rambler" folks, early apologies for any posts that go on forever. Read you soon!

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I've never heard of that method before! It sounds like a pretty good idea. I've gotten so used to the ol toss n wash, that I haven't tasted it or got it stuck in my throat in forever. That was the worst part at first I would buy capsules and use those mostly. Sometimes I like to make tea. but yeah I'm pretty basic and boring. Peanut butter is good at hiding the taste from other things. If anything, the oils might help the kratom? I don't know. Some foods seem to increase effects, and some kill. peanut butter is a little high in carbs, which is one of the things that kills the effects of kratom. I've heard grape juice, oatmeal, eggs, and vaious other things can increasethe effects.
Although I love peanut butter, the very consistency of the kratom itself would turn me off, even when mixed like this. I wonder if the effects would last longer due to it being metabolized slower...
Wow nice to the the new tip to enjoy kratom without bearing its bitter taste i will surely try this. But i doubt oil will less the effect of kratom. It really hard for me to bear the taste of kratom, so i just prefer it to have in capsule form.