Green Riau Kratom & red riau kratom


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Riau (region in Sumatra) kratom
Riau is an area in the south-west of Sumatra, but the kratom which takes its name from the area is very much distinct from the Sumatran strains.
Riau kratom comes in red and green vein colours.

The effects of Green Riau kratom have been reported to share the uplifting qualities of a Sumatran kratom, but with the bodily relaxing qualities of a Borneo (Bali) strain. This fact, combined with the pleasant 'body buzz' reported by many Green Riau kratom fans, arguably make it an extremely good choice for pain relief.

A Red Riau kratomwill have many of the same effects, but with much more relaxing overtones.
Another thing to note about Riau kratom strains is that their taste and smell is a great deal sweeter and more pleasant than that of the majority of kratom strains. To those who find the taste and/or smell of kratom difficult to stand, Riau could be an answer.
Green Riau, named after the vein color and the region where it has been found, is a potent kratom strain from the Southwestern part of Sumatra.

Due to the location of the strain, it possesses the best properties of the known strains that are found nearby; Uplifting as other Sumatra strains, combined with the relaxed bodily sedative properties of the Borneo strains.

Meanwhile the potency and duration is on par with other strains.

Green Riau is harvested from wild grown trees in the primary and secondary rain forest of the Riau area. The powder of the dried leaves is the result of advanced harvest, drying and processing techniques. As can be seen from the feedback below, the quality of the powder is well received. Comments below are collected from various users:

"I found it to be very enjoyable. It is energizing and clarifying. It shares the heady sensation with the red vein Borneo powder, but is more focusing and stimulating. I was surprised at how hard and fast it initially comes on. I enjoyed that aspect. This could be a new favorite for me."

"Definitely a relaxing aroma. Has a strong body buzz component that I haven't noticed in the other powders and might be very effective at easing sore muscles or other pains. The mental effects of the aroma are unique as well: calm and serene, but clear headed and the powder seems to boost my creative thinking abilities".

"I burned my normal amount and got a really nice aroma, better than expected. It was similar to borneo, but with more high notes. Noticed a nice uplift and "body energy" in other words, I felt like getting stuff done, which is exactly what I want from an aroma".

" I put two tsps. in the burner today second burn of the day and found it to be relaxing with energy if that makes sense. Hard to describe but really had a good time out at the pool with the kids and nephews. A lot more social than I usually am gave me a really great feeling of being content."

"It took about 30 minutes to manifest. Rather quick for me. First aromas are very bodily, which I like a lot. Not sure what to call it but it feels somewhat soothing but electric. About 1 hour later I am definitely noticing more energy but in contrast to wvs this energy manifest more subtle and in the body. I can understand why some people put it in the energetic department and some in the relaxing. There is not much of a head rush but more of a warm electrical feeling. Nice indeed. Perfect for working days where you have to get a lot of repetitive work done in a relaxed way"