Can someone with experience with this please help me! need to get off of metrhadone!


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Hi everyone. First of all iam brand new to this site and if someone can help me navigate around here i would greatly
appreciate. i have a problem and i am hoping that someone has or has had this experience before. Iam in my 50´s and have been on methadone for 3 yrs. I take 25 milligrams daily . I would like to know if someone out there can tell me if i can use Kratom to get off methadone SAFELY! Does anyone out there had this experience before? methadone is the worst and strongest narcotic to stop and it is stored in one´s fat cells and it has a half -life of over 12 hours.I know that Kratom DOES NOT! iam on a low dose of methadone {25 mgs} but i already know that even if i taper down and once i get to 5 milligrams i will have some serious withdrawals! I was told that Kratom although very addictive in itself, can be used for opiate withdrawal,but can it be used for KING METHADONE WITHDRAWALS? Is there anyone out there that has had this experience kicking methadone with Kratom?. If so can someone tell me what kind of Kratom to buy what i must do with my methadone dose in order to use Kratom , successfully? How much Kratom to i start with? How often will i need to take it to avoid most of the methadone withdrawal symptoms. i want to be on the Kratom for 30 days to get most of the Methadone out of my system. Is there anyone FOR SURE, THAT CAN TELL ME IF IT WILL WORK, HOW EXACTLY CAN I USE IT, HOW MUCH TO TAKE DAILY AND THEN AT THE 30 DAY POINT HOW I CAN TAPER OFF THE KRATOM TO THEN BE OPIATE FREE? Please help me.I have tried to get help and sent so many e-mails to different organizations .
Re: Can someone with experience with this please help me! need to get off of metrhado

I was on 100mgs of methadone for 3 yrs so i feel your pain brother. I didnt find kratom until about 3 months after i kicked methadone but i honestly think i couldve kicked dope without the methadone if i had known about the kratom sooner. It may take a bit before you actually feel the kratom, but i believe as your tapering off of the methadone that the kratom will help immensely in keeping you comfortable. Get some bali and start with 4-6 grams. Even though the kratom is said to be "addictive", its a psychological addiction at best IMO. Once youve weened off the methadone to the kratom, then you can do a gradual taper off of the kratom and then go from there. Good luck buddy and PM me if there is anything i can do.
Re: Can someone with experience with this please help me! need to get off of metrhado

I know this is a little old, hopefully this info might still help you. I have never used methadone personally, though I have used other opiates, however there are many reports of people using kratom to get through the withdrawals of methadone and other prescription painkillers. First, this is a common misconception, but Kratom is actually not very addictive at all. Honestly it is about as habit forming as coffee. I have been using kratom daily for over a year (for pain and as an anti-depressant), sometimes I will take a break and the withdrawals are very minor. Mild headache, sometimes insomnia, but compared to what you're dealing with you probably wouldn't even notice them.

Anyway, it is nothing like real opiates, though it does hit those receptors, it is on a completely different level. That's part of why it's so good for treating dependence. It gives enough of an effect to take away withdrawals, but not enough to get the euphoria opiates users seek. For your situation, the "Baii" or "Borneo" strains would probably be best. You can boil the leaves and make a tea, I would start off using 8-10 grams of leaf, and sip the tea until you don't feel the withdrawals anymore. Then just take a few more sips each time you feel them coming back. Most likely 2 of these teas per day would be enough, but you could have a 3rd if you need it. It comes on within 20-30 minutes so just take it slowly and you'll get an idea of how much you need. I will warn you, the tea tastes pretty nasty, but I'm sure it will be worth it for you.

Here's a report of someone using kratom to stay off methadone:

Hope this helps you, methadone is a nasty drug. Best of luck.
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There are several clinics that using Kratom as a supplement for Methadone. In fact, were some good and some unflattering news articles out there regarding this. To answer your question, Kratom effects the brain receptors in the same way that opiates do, although it does not show up as such in a urine test. I started taking Kratom instead of my prescribed Dilodid, which is very strong. I never looked back. It's effects are much less edgy than qualified opiates and I think you'd be surprised at how effective it is.
Re: Can someone with experience with this please help me! need to get off of metrhado

Kratom is very effective, i have read cases of metrhadone withdrawal using kratom. It is not addictive if taken in appropriate quantity, you can buy kratom online.