Best Strains


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I started using Kratom to relieve back pain, so I am looking for strains that are high in their analgesic/sedative properties. I have enjoyed the Maeng Da. The Indo's make me too sleepy, too quick. Tomorrow I will be getting some Premium(?) Bali. I am looking forward to seeing how it differs from what I have been using.

What strains have you found that are good for pain relief?
I really like the White Riau, euphoric as well as analgesic with energy without the jitters. It's like a well balanced power hitter, very awesome strain. After that has to be crushed Maeng Da in tea for sure.
Hello there neighbor!! I actually work in Redmond. I'm there now!! Cool to know there's another kratom lover in close range!

For pain, I'd go with some good ol' bali. As a matter of fact, for anything, I'd go with good ol' bali. It just seems to be the most well-rounded strain type out there. It gives me energy, euphoria, anxiety relief, motivation, endurance and of course pain relief. I actually think Maeng Da would be bad to pain relief as it's usually way too jittery and pushy for me.

MD is like the friend you know is coming over, you want to see them, but when they arrive they come BURSTING through the door yelling "I'M HERE!!!!!!!!!" and running around making a messm making you giggle at first but then eventually you wish you didn't invite them over...

Whereas bali is always knocking gently on the door, and when you let them in they immediately pick up a broom and start sweeping while also cooking you dinner and telling jokes. Cool ass friend. :)
I am patial to bali. I use it for back pain, it gives me energy and a very pleasant fuzzy goodness. I work in a very highend custon car shop. My back was almost ending my career, now I am the shop foreman, and head most high end clientel and. Their rides construct.
Have you guys tried the Brick Red Kalimantan or White Chocolate Kalimantan? My two current favorites and remind me of a more upbeat Bali, stinky stuff!
I def agree with the bali comments. It is by far my favorite as it does not make me to hyper. Artificial energy gives me anxiety and I am prone to panic attacks so MD and others are not ones I can use. Bali Supreme tho is by far the best bali out there. Doesn't build up a tolerance like other strands.