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Some nice website improvements are on the way!
Hi, can anyone please tell me their experiences to get off of methadone with kratom,what kind, how much how often to stop with drawals! I need to be on kratom for 6 weeks to get off the low dose of methadone iam on. Can anyone help me. Ihave been on 25 milligrams for 3 years!
I am agitator, believe it or not I believe I have found a wild Kratom Tree in the swamp I live near. If I sent images could someone take a look at them? Agitator
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Hi Annie,

Feel free to speak in first person.

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Hello! I'm wondering about self-incrimination rules. Most sites (drugs-forum, etc) forbid you speaking in first person. I find it quite annoying especially in regard to a legal substance. I see no rules about this here, but before posting, I wanted to check with you - can we refer to ourselves, or are we all SWIMs?

Thank you! I look forward to becoming very involved here!
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Hi Bryan,

The forum will not discuss vendors, but I will add a link exchange section in time.
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Hi, I really like all the info you have on your home page and got to your site from a link on wikipedia. Me and my business partner recently launched a new site and I'd like to post information about it on your forum if possible? Our site is .

Bryan S.