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Hi, can anyone please tell me their experiences to get off of methadone with kratom,what kind, how much how often to stop with drawals! I need to be on kratom for 6 weeks to get off the low dose of methadone iam on. Can anyone help me. Ihave been on 25 milligrams for 3 years!
I am agitator, believe it or not I believe I have found a wild Kratom Tree in the swamp I live near. If I sent images could someone take a look at them? Agitator
Hello! I'm wondering about self-incrimination rules. Most sites (drugs-forum, etc) forbid you speaking in first person. I find it quite annoying especially in regard to a legal substance. I see no rules about this here, but before posting, I wanted to check with you - can we refer to ourselves, or are we all SWIMs?

Thank you! I look forward to becoming very involved here!
Hi, I really like all the info you have on your home page and got to your site from a link on wikipedia. Me and my business partner recently launched a new site and I'd like to post information about it on your forum if possible? Our site is .

Bryan S.