Sumatran white vein kratom


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Sumatran kratom
White Vein Sumatra is amongst the most energetic and euphoric of all kratom strains, whereas Red Vein Sumatra is a gentler, smoother and longer-lasting alternative.
Most Sumatran kratom is white-veined, so for some people any mention of the word 'Sumatran' with regard to kratom strains brings to mind a strongly stimulating product. However, this is mainly true for White Vein Sumatran kratom, and only applies to Red Vein Sumatran kratom to a much lesser degree.

White Vein Sumatran kratom is likely to increase energy, sociability, and in some cases libido, and some people report nootropic effects, in that it encourages their concentration and desire to work. However, for others, White Vein Sumatra may be a little too 'jittery', a little like strong coffee perhaps, and whilst it might be fine in a social situation it is not an ideal strain to use whilst working.