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As some of you have already noticed I am tweaking the website.
I have been working on a new version of the site since august.

You can expect a new design, much better forum functionality, new shop and more functions to increase information exchange. I plan to upgrade the forum software soon.
I am currently working on the new design. Which then needs to be coded / implemented. Hopefully I can complete the overhaul in 2 months. Bear with me. :)

I hope that these improvements will allow this community to grow. has an important role to fill in providing honest kratom information. I would like to invite anyone that has the kratom plant at heart to join in and make this happen together.

Once I have completed the new version of the site and it is released I will look into ways to increase the visiblily and Google ranking. Hopefully to the number 1 Google rank it had some years before.

If you have any requests, suggestions then let me know...

The forum software has been upgraded to better software.
Soon the article system will also be replaced, and a new design will be applied.
The new logo gives a hint about the upcoming design.
The website has been migrated to a dedicated server to allow it to grow.
I hope you enjoy the new software.

If you upload an avatar (click on it to edit it) then you will get a more personalized experience.
I have added a media gallery so that you can enjoy and share images and videos about kratom.

More is coming...