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  1. kratom devotee

    Kratom articles moved to awesome articles software

    We have moved all kratom articles to a new articles software. It looks a whole lot nicer now! :) The site is also fully encrypted through SSL now. Feel free to comment to articles or to write your own article.
  2. kratom devotee

    A new Kratom style for

    We have a new style / design on the forum. It's a work in progress and will be completed when the rest of the site is ready. Any suggestions are welcome!
  3. kratom devotee

    New articles system for

    In the coming weeks I will replace our current vbulletin articles system for something better. The new CMS has the same cool kratom theme as the kratom forum. :) The new CMS will be much better place to host our kratom existing articles and to release new kratom articles.
  4. kratom devotee

    New version of the coming

    An early version of the new style is visible now.
  5. kratom devotee

    Kratom & seizures

    Good point. I have added the article here:
  6. kratom devotee

    Researchers Find Plant Compound Effective in Making Drug Withdrawal Bearable

    Researchers, trying to develop treatments to help people cope with drug withdrawal, have found that a mixture derived from a tree found in Southeast Asia can wean people off drugs. Christopher R. McCurdy from University of Mississippi and his team found that kratom, a mixture obtained from...
  7. kratom devotee

    New version of the coming

    I have added a media gallery so that you can enjoy and share images and videos about kratom. More is coming...
  8. White Vein Sumatra Kratom

    White Vein Sumatra Kratom

    White vein sumatra leaf and powder kratom
  9. Green Malay Kratom

    Green Malay Kratom

    Green Malay leaf and powder Kratom
  10. Red Vein Sumatra kratom

    Red Vein Sumatra kratom

    In leaf and powder
  11. Kratom Leaf close up

    Kratom Leaf close up

  12. Kratom Leaf

    Kratom Leaf

    A kratom plant
  13. kratom devotee

    Some nice website improvements are on the way!

    Some nice website improvements are on the way!
  14. kratom devotee

    New version of the coming

    The website has been migrated to a dedicated server to allow it to grow. I hope you enjoy the new software. If you upload an avatar (click on it to edit it) then you will get a more personalized experience.
  15. kratom devotee

    New version of the coming

    The forum software has been upgraded to better software. Soon the article system will also be replaced, and a new design will be applied. The new logo gives a hint about the upcoming design.
  16. kratom devotee

    Kratom & seizures

    If kratom causes epilepsy seizures for you then thats something to be cautious about. I certainly do not think kratom is safe in this respect. Epilepsy seizures can be triggered by so many drugs. Its probably best to avoid kratom for a while.
  17. kratom devotee

    New version of the coming

    As some of you have already noticed I am tweaking the website. I have been working on a new version of the site since august. You can expect a new design, much better forum functionality, new shop and more functions to increase information exchange. I plan to upgrade the forum software...
  18. kratom devotee

    Post moderation has been turned off, to stimulate flow of discussion

    To keep spam under control, all new messages were moderated previously. But to stimulate active discussion, this is no longer the case. Post will appear as soon as they are submitted.
  19. kratom devotee

    How do you like the new site?

    Kratom strains reviews sounds good to me. I intend to keep the forum free from commercial posts, to avoid spam and shilling.
  20. kratom devotee

    How do you like the new site?

    So how will we get some more activity in here?